By working together in a network, tasks and joint activities can be optimally coordinated and synergy effects achieved. This saves personnel and costs for each individual partner.

An important goal was therefore to create a streamlined organizational structure in order to keep the administrative costs for the network as low as possible. This was also fully achieved in the Mechatronics Competence Network. The entire organization, coordination, billing of subsidies, marketing, personnel and trade fair advertising and coaching for the network is carried out by Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft im Landkreis Cham mbH.

The Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft im Landkreis Cham mbH has taken over the coordination and moderation of the network together with the project management, with the following tasks:
  • Organization of seminars and specialist forums,
  • Regulation of the exchange of information between the partners and the universities
  • Participation in personnel and trade fairs,
  • Joint marketing campaigns to recruit skilled workers,
  • Finding synergy potential in the network
  • Accounting of measures and actions
  • where possible, the acquisition of funding for the network.
Success factors for a network

  1. Companies in the network must fit together
  2. Consistently utilize the strengths of the individual network partners and prevent
    the individual looks only to his own advantage
  3. Trust among the partners in the network is a critical success factor
  4. The benefits for each individual must be worked out individually
  5. In networks, concentrate on actions that are most successful in
    Strengthening cooperation between companies
  6. Respect, consideration, honesty, openness and understanding among the partners is crucial for success
  7. An independent coach to manage and retain the network is a better way to get started
  8. A successful network also requires passion and dedication

“A network is like a relationship in a marriage, if it is not maintained, if there is no trust and/or if one person only takes advantage of the other, the marriage is doomed to fail!”

Services in the mechatronics network
  • Use of public funding programs for members (to date approx. € 7 million for further training measures, research and development projects, equipment at the Technology Campus, construction of four-legged walking robot TRADINNO, …)
  • Assistance and support for members when applying for public funding programs for R&D and investments
  • Coordination and organization of further training for the employees of member companies (e.g. in AUKOM, CNC, CAD, robotics, machine tools, ….)
  • One thematic focus is training through a training network in mechatronics, networking of training companies, training of trainees and the acquisition of trainees.
  • Organization of topic-oriented network meetings for the exchange and networking of members
  • Organization and implementation of regional specialist forums and international specialist forums (e.g. machine tools, Industry 4.0, metrology, …)
  • Thematic support for members in HR topics such as employer branding, acquisition, HR marketing, remuneration systems through a joint working group
  • Networking, coordination and cooperation with the Cham Technology Campus in mechatronics, automation technology, production technology, digital factory, control technology and additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Image work at elementary school, secondary schools, grammar schools and FOS/BOS for technical professions through various measures and projects (e.g. technology for children, Mindstorm LEGO robots, CNC courses, electronics courses, …)
  • Financing of technical equipment at the schools approx. 100,000€ (CNC machines, electronic cases, LEGO robots, …)
  • Application for dual study places at schools and placement of interested parties with members
  • Promotion of companies for personnel acquisition at regional university fairs (Regensburg, Deggendorf, Amberg-Weiden) and other personnel fairs (Eckert schools, …) and placement of students
  • Advertising of members in national thematic supplements in regional newspapers, trade journals or other media
  • Support for cross-border cooperation with the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland (search for suitable partners for members)
  • Close involvement of members in the strategic and thematic orientation of the network through an open network structure