Common goals of the network

Cooperation between the partners in the region is to be improved and intensified through the network. A good and lively exchange of experience should be created among the partners, but also among the employees. This exchange should develop across all areas of the company, from the trainers to the developers and HR departments.

Cooperation and networking should also help to intensify the exchange and transfer between Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, Weiden/Amberg University of Applied Sciences, other universities and research institutions and the partners.

The project focuses on cooperation in the following areas – with mechatronics taking center stage in each case: qualification, research & development, marketing and other services. As the network develops over time, various collaborations will be established. The aim is to develop new mechatronic products and improve manufacturing technologies and production equipment. In addition, joint developments are carried out with universities or partners outside the region.

The aim is to intensify cooperation between individual partners across industry and company boundaries, thereby achieving a sustainable strengthening of the individual company. In addition to the exchange of experience in the field of education, the aim is to create cost-saving potential and shorten development times. As part of marketing and services, the network is integrated into the district’s regional marketing. Visits to trade fairs are organized, contacts arranged, etc., thus achieving a decisive improvement in information about the field of mechatronics and the mechatronics competence network both regionally and nationally.

The network is to further expand its supra-regional recognition and significance through the joint cooperation of the partners. As a so-called mechatronics cluster, the network is also expected to attract other cooperation partners, customers and suppliers, as well as students and qualified specialists. The project management is responsible for the coordination and organization of the network.